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Playmore Cooling Green Apple Candy (22g)

Product brand
Create a fresh and cool tastes in the mouth
  • Chocolate & Confectionery

Play More Green Apple Candy, 22g jar, is a very famous and loved mouth-watering candy. The candy has a gentle cool taste combined with a fresh green apple flavor.
Sweetener (INS420i) 97.42%, acidity regulator (INS296) 1.2%, anti-caking agent (INSINS470iii) 0.5%, synthetic green apple flavor 0.4%, menthol 0.2%, vitamin C 0.2%, sweetener (INS955) 0.074%, color (INS102) 0.0054%, color (INS133) 0.0006%
Direct use
To store in a cool place away from sunlight
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