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Panzani Torti Spinach Tomatoes (500g)

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Tortis are prepared with a mixture of vegetables during cooking. So the pasta is multicolored. There are red, green, yellow etc. Their flavors are discreet. These tortis are worth more for the look.
  • Pasta & Starchy

  • Ambient

With the Panzani Spinach & Tomato Fusilli, there's no need to get yourself in a twist: the flavours and creativity are right there! Also, this delicious spiral shaped pasta is your best friend in terms of getting your children to eat vegetables...
premium pasta (40%) of Durum wheat semolina. Flavored pasta with tomato (30%): Durum wheat semolina quality, tomato concentrate (7.9%). spinach-flavored pasta (30%): durum wheat semolina, spinach powder (1.6%). May contain EGG.
1.Boil the salted water at your convenience (use 1L for 100g of pasta). 2.Throw the pasta into the salted boiling water and let it cook for the amount of time that's written on the front of the package.3.Drain your pasta. It's ready!
store at room temperature.
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