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Panzani Macaroni Fast Cooking 3min. (500g)

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Really practical! Gourmet pasta which cooks in just 3 minutes thanks to its finer dough. Ideal for pleasing all your family in record time.
  • Pasta & Starchy

  • Ambient

All the Panzani flavour in slightly finer pasta. Cooks in 3 minutes, these macaroni are perfect for treating kids and adults in no time at all!
100% Wheat hard semolina. If the lot number contains the letter N, may contain egg.
1.Boil the salted water at your convenience (use 1L for 100g of pasta). 2.Throw the pasta into the salted boiling water and let it cook for the amount of time that's written on the front of the package.3.Drain your pasta. It's ready!
store at room temperature.
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