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Maizena Corn Flour (400g)

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Composed of corn starch, it allows cooks to lighten cakes and pancakes; thicken sauces, soups and creams.
  • Pasta & Starchy

  • Ambient

  • Gluten free


For over 150 years, the Maizena has been with you every day! The small yellow and white box has become an essential ingredient in the cupboards of all kitchens. Founded in 1862 in the United States, the Maïzena® brand quickly gained recognition around the world thanks to its flagship product: Maïzena® Corn Flower. It was in 1924 that La Société des Produits du Maïs produced Fleur de Maïs Maïzena® for the first time in France. Cock-a-doodle Doo ! French mothers then use it to prepare baby bottles and porridge for toddlers, but very quickly the cornstarch of Cornstarch® takes its place in the kitchens for a variety of savory or sweet recipes.


corn starch.

Instructions For Use

Empty MAIZENA cornflour into a glass of cold liquid (water, milk, stock). Then add this mix to the warm sauce, cream or soup.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place


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