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Maille Modena Balsamic Vinegar (500ml)

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Balsamic Maille Vinegar is made from grapes aged for 12 months using the traditional aging method. Unique flavor and unique delicate sweetness.
  • Seasoning, Truffle Oil & Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is made 100% from Trebblano grapes, harvested directly from Ponti (Italy), 12 months of aging by traditional methods to create the most intense flavor and sweetness. Certified Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
99% Wine Vinegar (contains potassium metabisulfite preservative E224), concentrated grape must, processed wine wort, artificial coloring: Caramel group IV (caramel ammonium sulfite) (E150d)
Suitable for making sauces & salads
Marinated meats like beef & lamb…
Use for desserts
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
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