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Kuehne Balsamissimo Creamy Mild 215ml

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Balsamissimo Vinegar Sauce is refined from highly prohibited ingredients: olive oil, pure aged grape vinegar, bringing the perfect delicate sweet and sour taste. 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives
  • Seasoning, Sauces

Characteristic Italian flavors with high-quality olive oil, basil and delicate tops of authentic Italian balsamic vinegar. Perfect for all kinds of salads. Products are made from fresh ingredients, are preservative free, gluten & lactose free and flavor enhancers.
Concentrated Grape Blend, 38% Modeca Balsamic Vinegar (Wine Vinegar, Concentrated Grape Blend). Grape Juice Concentrate, White Wine Vinegar, Natural Coloring Agent: Caramel ammonium sulfite, Thickener: Modified Starch, Thickener: Xanthan Gum (Contains Sulfites) - Nutritional ingredients: Energy 219 kcal; Protein 1.4 g; Carbohydrates 50 g; Fat 0 g; Fiber 0.6 g; Salt 0 g.
Products used to mix fresh vegetables, tubers, fruits, eat directly or eat with other dishes - Warning: Do not use the product after the expiry date
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
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