Annam Gourmet Launches Premium Hamper Collection for the 2024 Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, Annam Gourmet proudly presents the 2024 Hamper Collection. This year's collection features a lively theme inspired by garden imagery, with lush, colorful fruits encapsulating the warm and bustling atmosphere of the year-end holidays and Lunar New Year.

Capturing the holiday spirit, Annam Gourmet introduces 10 eye-catching new hamper designs, each telling a unique story about Tet. Meticulously thought out and designed, these hampers evoke the quintessence of the holiday season, promising to enhance the experience. From traditional symbols to trendy motifs, the collection offers suitable choices for various customers and hamper-giving purposes, ensuring that every hamper has a special and fulfilling meaning.


The primary design of the collection, also representing the year-end store chain's theme of '20 Years of Celebration', is the fruit garden. When you visit the store, you will experience being lost in a colorful garden. Annam Gourmet incorporates the symbol of prosperity into the design, wishing good luck to all customers for a prosperous new year.


The focal point of the 2024 Hamper Collection is a series of carefully selected products to satisfy customers' tastes. From premium wine and champagne to specialty ham and cheese, artisan bread, and other high-end confectionery, Annam Gourmet packs a world of exciting cuisine and new flavors into a Tet hamper.

Understanding the importance of a personalized shopping experience, Annam Gourmet provides full support in choosing products and hampers to meet shopping needs while preserving the quality of the hamper. Furthermore, all hampers will be delivered directly to customers with a fast delivery service, ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping process.

The 2024 Premium Hamper Collection is now available at Annam Gourmet stores and can be ordered through the online platform. Elevate your gift-giving experience and make this holiday season memorable with Annam Gourmet!

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