Concha Y Toro Brings the JEWELS OF THE NEW WORLD - The Perfect Gift for the Festive Season with Exclusive Offers

In the vibrant atmosphere of the upcoming Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, there's nothing more wonderful than gifting prestigious wines from Concha Y Toro's Jewels of the New World collection, available at Annam Gourmet. It's a sophisticated choice for wine enthusiasts, thanks to the exceptional quality and unique significance that each bottle of Concha Y Toro wine carries.

To enhance the shopping experience during this special occasion, Annam Gourmet presents exclusive offers for Concha Y Toro's Jewels of the New World collection. It's an opportunity to explore rare and exquisite wines from Concha Y Toro's New World. From Vina Maipo and Trivento with fresh and easy-to-drink flavours - suitable for beginners in wine appreciation, to premium wines highly acclaimed by experts such as Terrunyo, Amelia, Gravas, Master, and Don Melchor.

Exclusive Offers at Annam Gourmet:

2️⃣ Buy 2 bottles of Concha Y Toro and get 1 bottle of the same kind for free! (**)

3️⃣ Buy 3 bottles of Concha Y Toro and get 1 bottle of the same kind for free! (**)

**Offers cannot be combined with other discount programs

The essence of the wine world is now within your reach through these precious bottles from Concha Y Toro, available at Annam Gourmet. Let's explore two unique wines below:

1. Concha y Toro Don Melchor Puente Alto Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml): A masterpiece in the world of wine, Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon is crafted from exceptional clusters of grapes from the Puente Alto vineyard. It is an icon of wealth and uniqueness in the Cabernet Sauvignon category. Each sip takes you on a journey with complex aromas of ripe red fruits, delicate spices, enticing hints of smoke, leather, and seductive vanilla. With a solid structure and balanced tannins, this wine leads you into a gastronomic adventure with layers of diverse flavours, culminating in a long and captivating finish.

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2. Concha Y Toro Carmin De Peumo Carmenere (750ml): Renowned as an icon of the Carmenere grape and Chile, Carmin De Peumo has captivated wine lovers worldwide with its uniqueness and excellence. This wine is produced from exceptional grape clusters from the Carmin De Peumo vineyard and has garnered recognition and high praise from top experts. With its deep red colour and alluring purple hues, Carmin De Peumo enchants you with a complex structure. Earthy aromas, cola, bark, black cherries, and cassis intertwine in a delicate harmony, creating a symphony of exquisite flavours on the palate. With its velvety smoothness and boldness, you'll discover rich notes of blackberries, herbal spices, bitter chocolate, and leather, resulting in an exquisite and perfect balanced experience. The finish is a wonderful interplay of spicy and herbal flavours, leaving a profound and unforgettable impression.

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Enjoy these enticing Concha Y Toro offers at Annam Gourmet stores nationwide!

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