Annam Gourmet Launches "Health Lab" Project to Revolutionize Healthy Eating in Vietnam

Annam Gourmet - renowned for curating premium imported products, has unveiled its latest endeavor: the "Health Lab" project. This ambitious initiative aims to assist customers in navigating health challenges such as diabetes, obesity, high blood sugar, lactose intolerance, and more, by offering a meticulously crafted selection of health-conscious products.

In a society where lifestyle-related health issues are on the rise, Annam Gourmet recognizes the importance of making informed dietary choices. With the Health Lab project, the retail chain goes beyond mere product offerings, providing comprehensive guidance and support to customers striving for healthier lifestyles.

Featuring imported brands like Dukan, Bjorg, Prunille, TerraSana, Valfrutta, Gerble, Kolios, Culinat, Bob's Red Mill, Zevia, English Tea Shop, Regain, Tadim, Elmhurst, and Balance, the Health Lab project offers a range of products tailored to specific health concerns. From low-sugar and sugar-free snacks to antioxidant-rich options, gluten-free, lactose-free, low salt, and no-added-salt varieties, customers are presented with a diverse range of choices to suit their dietary needs.

"With Health Lab, we aim to demystify the journey to healthier eating habits. Whether you're managing diabetes, aiming to shed excess weight, or simply striving for overall wellness, our curated selections are designed to support your goals," remarked by the representative of Annam Gourmet. 

In addition to product recommendations, the Health Lab project provides educational resources and personalized assistance. Customers can access nutritional information and recipe ideas at Health Lab corner. Trained staff members are available to offer guidance and answer questions, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

As the Health Lab project debuts at Annam Gourmet stores, it signifies a new era of conscientious consumption, where premium quality meets holistic wellness. Embracing innovation and empathy, Annam Gourmet reaffirms its dedication to enriching lives through exceptional culinary experiences.

For more information about the Health Lab project and to explore the curated selection of healthy products, visit Health Lab at 2 Annam Gourmet stores in Estella and Saigon Center or browse online at Annam Gourmet Home Page.