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Ferrero Couscous Medium (500g)

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Find all the magic of FERRERO through our fine couscous seeds, made from superior quality durum wheat semolina , which offer you perfect grainability .
  • Rice/Semolina & Dry Bean

  • Ambient

Since its introduction in 1907, the adventures of couscous ferrero remained faithful to respect family tradition: it immortalized the secret of high quality couscous, the selection of the best durum wheat after their cook know - as appreciated.
100% superior quality Durum Wheat Semolina, rolled and steam-cooked
To make couscous, simply bring some water to the boil (1 cup for 2 people). In a deep dish add the same amount of couscous. Add a tablespoon of oil. Pour the boiling water onto the coucous and fluff it up with a fork. Cover for 5 minutes. Add a knob of butter. Fluff it up once again and it's ready.
Store in a cool, dry place
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