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Blazquez Sliced Iberian Cebo Shoulder Ham (100g)

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Pieces cured in their own drying rooms, following the artisan criteria of the Blázquez family. Slim, narrow shoulders with delicious marbled meat.
  • Delicatessen

  • Chilled

  • 1 Pcs

Shoulder from free-range pigs. Pieces selected for their uniqueness. Cured in our own dryers according to the experience of our traditionally artisan methods, with 24 months of curing. Once the optimal curing period estimated for each product is over, we slice the product and vacuum pack it to reach the consumer in a more direct and simple way.
Pork shoulder, salt and preservative (E250; E252).
Communal use with sandwiches for eating alone, cooking and whatever is convenient
Store at temperatures below 5 ° C, put the product at room temperature before use for 10 minutes.
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