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Blázquez Jamón De Bellota Ibérico (100g)

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Per gram, weight may vary from 5% to 10%
Our Admiración acorn-fed Iberian pork ham comes from a delicate selection of our specimens raised in freedom in the best pastures with grass and acorns in montanera.
  • Delicatessen, Cold Cuts

  • Chilled

  • 100 g

"Admiration from the origin", as a mantra we repeat this phrase as the essence of our products. And this is reflected in our Iberian hams, pieces chosen for their uniqueness based on strict criteria maintained and shared for generations. Pieces cured in our own drying rooms, following the Blázquez criteria with the experience of our traditionally artisanal methods. Where each production process is exhaustively evaluated a posteriori, to achieve an intense flavor and a unique texture within the reach of the most demanding palates. Ham provides the minimum minerals necessary for our body, it also has a balanced calorie profile. It contains vitamin B1 and experts in the field claim that it helps overcome anxiety and stress.
Pork harm, salt, preservative (E250; E252).
Communal use with sandwiches for eating alone, cooking and whatever is convenient.
Store at temperatures below 5 ° C, put the product at room temperature before use for 10 minutes.
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