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Belcube Cheese Onion/Plain/Ham Flavor (78g)

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Plain, Ham flavour, Onion
  • Cheese

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Plain, Ham flavour, Onion
Rehydrated skimmed milk, cheeses, butter, milk protein,emulsifiers (E452, E331, E341); emulsifiers: sodium polyphosphates, sodium citrates, tricalcium phosphate; dried onion (2% in Onion variety), salt, artificial flavouring, flavour enhancer (E621); flavour enhancer: mosodium glutamate; acidity regulator (E330); acidity regulator: citric acid; artificial smoke flavouring.Contains food allergen: milk and milk products. Contains permitted emulsifiers, acidity regulator, and flavour enhancer.
Can be used directly, served with or processed with dishes
Store at a cool temperature between 4-12 degrees Celsius
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