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Badger Fursty Ferret Moreish & Malty Beer Bottle 4.4% (500ml)

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A morishly malty, amber ale. Dark crystal malt delivers a full bodied biscuity taste, rounded off with a subtle floral and lemon hop aroma.
  • Beer / Cider

  • Ambient

Ferret comes from the Latin word for 'little thief'. When they're about you can be sure trouble's brewing. We still remember the night one such furry ne'er-do-well tiptoed into the thatched Gribble Inn and stole himself a taste of our tantalising tawny tipple, loved for its full bodied biscuity taste. Now then, what's Latin for 'little thief with great taste in beer?'
Contains Barley, Contains Sulphur Dioxide/Sulphites, May Contain Wheat
Best Served Chilled.
Store away from direct light in a cool & dry place
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