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Alsa Custard Cream Mix (3x130g)

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With this cake preparation box no risk of making a mistake and your guests will enjoy themselves.
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At Alsa, we want to rhyme pastry, pleasure and greed and leave only the best to our consumers: the joy and pride of finalizing their desserts. Alsa is the ideal partner for your daily desserts and your festive moments. With our wide range of pastry aids and desserts to prepare, both beginners and experienced can create a moment of sharing and fun with family or friends. With Alsa, love can be seen!
Sugar, corn starch, flavorings, potato starch, thickener (xanthan gum) and colorings (nocou norbixin, niboflavin).
A simple and delicious recipe, just add butter and eggs to the cream mix. Cake lovers can't resist the warm melted cream inside and crispy outside.
Store away from direct light in a cool & dry place.
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