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Sonett Bleach Complex and Stain Remover (450g)

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Bleach and stain removal completely without chemical bleach activator (TAED). Textiles are brightened with environmentally friendly sodium percarbonate at the ideal bleaching effect of 95 °C.
  • Linen

By adding the bleaching agent separately, its bleaching effect is employed only where it is specifically needed for stain removal and white laundry. Oxygen bleaching using sodium percarbonate is the most environmental-friendly alternative to the bleaching of laundry in the sunlight. The ideal bleaching effect occurs at 95°C. Organic stains such as grass, red wine and fruit stains are disappear and are no longer visible.
Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate
Laundry: Add 60 ml / 60 g to the detergent compartment and switch on the main wash cycle. Soak laundry overnight if heavily soiled.
Dishes: For the removal of stubborn tea and coffee stains on the dishes. For the removal of stubborn tea and coffee stains on the dishes. Place 15 ml / 15 g in addition to the machine rinsing agent into the respective compartment of the dishwasher.
Store closed, cool and dry. Store between 10°C and 25°C. Keep out of the reach of children.
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