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Lune De Miel Forest and Pine Honey, Glass Jar 375g

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Lune de Miel
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Our forest and pine honey is made and harvested rrom large coniferous forests, with notes of cooked fruit and caramel. Full-bodied honey with a woody flavor, its aromas bring you to the nature, heart of coniferous forests.
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It is a guaranteed 100% pure and natural honeydew honey, no added sugar, no preservatives and no coloring. On the palate, it releases woody aromas, with the taste of caramelized cooked fruit and slightly spicy. Its malty, woody and warm aromas are enhanced by its smell, very characteristic of coniferous forests.
Pure honey from pine forest
As a toast for breakfast, or incorporated into your hot drinks, our honeydew honey, with its delicate scents of forest and resin, transports you to the heart of the great mountain forests.
Naturally sweetened, it pleasantly scents your teas, coffees and herbal teas. Its refined flavors are a treat for your desserts and sweet preparations.
Store in cool and dry place, away from sunlight.
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